Restoration vs. Rust: A Battle Vintage Rust Removal can help you win!

At Vintage Rust Removal, we provide exceptional rust removal services to help you restore the quality and appearance of your metal surfaces. Our safe rust removal solutions will fit your residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

Our innovative and environmentally friendly VR2 Rust Buster safely removes rust to restore your metal surfaces to their original glory. Committed to quality and sustainability, we provide effective rust removal solutions using the power of molasses.

VR2 Rust Buster™

The secret sauce! Our flagship product, VR2 Rust Buster, is a powerful rust removal solution that uses the natural properties of molasses to break down and remove rust from a wide range of metal surfaces.

The Result?

Rust is removed from metal surfaces without causing damage, ensuring your property remains in top condition and ready to be restored.

We also ship VR2 Rust Buster in gallon containers to you for smaller renovation projects. Contact us to learn more.

How It Works

Send us your restoration project from small metal parts to car chassis*.

Once receieved, we place your project into a dip tank using our VR2 Rust Buster™ solution, allowing our product to work its magic!

Once the rust is broken down, we remove your project from the dip tank thoroughly rinsing and drying it.

Your project is returned to you, ready to finish restoration!

Why Choose Vintage Rust Removal?

Quality Services

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